General hospital, Agadir, Morocco

Our architectural project is composing a set at an urban scale, linked to its landscape and its urban environment, present and future. As a part of the dynamics of the urban development of Agadir, the implementation of the hospital preserves expansion potential at the site. The Chaâba, which limits the site to the north, is part of a large landscaped park crossed by a green belt. A large square, shaded urban space precedes a monumental reception area,  the heart of the building, installed between the mother-child center, accommodation and consultations. A high nave interior bathed in subdued light, with temperate climate, refreshed by a garden, is punctuated by receptions and patios, soothing and fresh.In the north and east, the large park is both a landscape, a horizon and a walk.



Michel Rafin, Alexandre Franc

Project leader

Adrien Bertrand


Catherine Bonnier, Danièla Fieffé, Selma Khamlichi, Annie Kéchichian