Emergency Unit, Intercommunal Hospital, Créteil, France

Set on a sloping, narrow, highly constrained plot, the new emergency unit at Créteil Hospital presents a tightly controlled design with simple volumes and a range of different scales, levels of transparency and views over the hillsides of the Marne. Preserving the existing circulations of the hospital, which consists of a series of pavilions with a number of extensions, the new facility rises to the challenge of building on an occupied site to improve the operation of the hospital complex and to redistribute the entire site by providing shared visitor access points, patient access points, and logistical connexions.
ArchiDesignClub Award 2015


Project leader

Enrico Ingala


Giovanni Orsi, Katayoun Amid, Silvina Triemstra, Eleonora Milano, Luis Pestana, Susanne Ryg, Massoud Pourhassan, Catherine Bonnier, Adrien Bertrand, Perrine Alexandre

Quantity surveying

Denis Chaix