Digital city and Normandy Management High School in Le Havre

Between city and port, this architectural totem is a 360-degree project, in the center of the maritime campus, facing the sea, the city, the docks, the marina and the railway station. Its slender silhouette affirms its plates, with simple and straight forms inscribed in the history of the Docks. Its metal mesh facades reveal its inner life, through the interstices between its different levels, revealing the heart of the school and the digital city. The access to the building is organized from a wide raised platform and multifunctional. Developing spaces for “informal” exchanges between students, he staged these meeting places around a central atrium that organizes these living spaces, this heart of life, the heart of the identity of this exceptional school, Connects two large terraces, federating spaces open on the city and the landscape. The panoramic “Marina” terrace overlooking the city, suitable for all types of events and allowing to welcome all students during events, and the terrace “Belvédère” of 400 m², level 5, panoramic on the wide At 24m of height and arranged like a garden.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Christine Guillas


Sébastien Greffier, Serge Journot, Blandine Rançon, Loïc Guillaud, Florian Burnichon, Alain Galaup, Julie Roméas, Marie de Kerdrel, Corinne Thibaut, Annick Isnard