Congress Center in the former Docks, Le Havre

Between city and port, the Docks area symbolizes renewal and modernity of the city of Le Havre. The Congress Centre is a new milestone, a landmark facing the horizon with its pools conforted by a luminous work. Located in the center of all flows of the city, this new architectural landmark embodies this movement, facing the sea and the future. In cohesion with the site, amplifying the entertainment district, its slender silhouette gradually raises to absorb the convention center. Its vibrations, its waves, reveal the intensity of the events it hosts.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Julie Roméas


Marie de Kerdrel, Olivia Carneiro, Fanny Meyer, Pascal Chancelade, Corinne Thibaut, Perrine Alexandre, Florian Burnichon, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard