Sports hall, convention center and exhibition center, in Orléans

A Sports Arena 8,000 seats, a Congress Hall, a Concert Hall (Zenith), the three large facilities are unified and make up a new landscape, remarkable and structuring for the Metropolis of Orléans, France. The building groups them under a vast suspended curtain, composed of vertical mullions in lacquered steel whose variable spacings accentuate the effect of vibration in a kinetic reading. This curtain is interrupted by majestic steps leading to an esplanade in the fist floor, which is a real public place, as a new ground, giving views on the horizon towards the Loire or the woods. On the ground floor, under this monumental access, the exhibition surfaces extend from one end of the building to the other, without breakage, with very identifiable accesses. Forming a coherent, crossing assembly, the spaces thus become truly multifunctional, interconnected but autonomous, for increased uses.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Julie Roméas


Marie de Kerdrel, Serge Journot, Vivien Pillot, Pascal Chancelade, Christine Guillas, Anna Kachitsina, Vincent Ortlieb, Salvatore Carvelli, Florian Burnichon