Alpes-Léman General Hospital (CHAL), Annemasse-Bonneville

The General Hospital (CHAL), located in a rural setting, is a compact, horizontal, four-storey structure which opens onto gardens and blends into the surrounding landscape. The CHAL complex, with a North East-South West orientation, comprises two separate units: a hospital with over 400 beds, an 8-room theatre block and an emergency room ; and a residential block, including a day care centre and 37 housing units for staff and occasional use by visiting families. The expressive façades of the hospital, clad with mineral board (theatre and clinical support block) or with wood and glazed frames alternating in a random, woven pattern, help users to find their way around and give the hospital a strong identity.
CHAL is designed to be a flexible, adaptable building with scope to extend it by 14,000 m² net surface area.

Nursery and staff housing THPE label.

Nominated at the international NVTG IFHE Building Award 2016.



Michel Rafin

Project leader

Adrien Bertrand (études), Philippe Maillard (travaux)


Giovanni Orsi, Guillaume Ledieu, Nicolas Tricard, Clément Gauthier, Olivia Carneiro, Anne-Sophie Eymery, Alain Galaup, Nathalie Lakomy, Laure Perdigon, Chafik Cheghnane, Fanny Meyer, Catherine Bonnier, Florence Bongny, Ralph Abdeljalil, Sandra Olandese, Anne-Laure Gimenez, Patrice Lechevretel, Cornelia Neguslescu, Maud Minault, Orlando Corso, Anne Pesse, Nolwenn Dreano, Christian Hennuy, Nicolas Forthoffer, Nadezda Smirnova, Bruni Yang You Fu, Mourad Delbeze, Bruno Duchet, Martine Chatelard, Marie-Anne Steinhaus, Pascal Chancelade, Rosalia Damiani, Corinne Thibaut, Perinne Alexandre