Centre Henri Becquerel, Rouen, Rouen

The Henri Becquerel Center is a multidisciplinary establishment of excellence, internationally recognized, which integrates all cancer care, specialez research and teaching facilities, with around 1,000 professionals and nearly 30,000 patients. The evolution of practices, future needs and its activity in strong growth (+40% for the next 10 years) requiring the establishment to resize itself, the Becquerel Center takes the chance of this functional extension to initiate a transformation of scale, by 2025-2026. Renewing the classic codes of health establishments, its ambitious program aims to facilitate patient access to care and help attract the best professionals.

As a landmark in the city and the district, the shape of the new CHB1 follows the contours of the site, and its facades, forming a kinetic ribbon playing with reflections and color, affirm the identity of the establishment. CHB1 is welcoming for its users: the triple-height hall and the floor landings open onto the large planted patio. For caregivers, it is an ultra-efficient tool building, with obvious functionality: with an organization concentrating services in the ring around its center, the building optimizes the patient journeys and facilitates care relationships. The connection with the existing building, central, is a real link uniting the two buildings: it gives the establishment its wholeness and completeness. The curved “bridge” building, flying over rue d’Amiens, forms a “work of art”, a thin and slender footbridge totally integrated into the architecture. Nature envelops the building, fully part of the process of renaturing the city of Rouen.



Geneviève Carini, Blandine Rançon, David Naudon


Orlando Corso, Myriam Dana, Viven Pillot, Muriel Nourrisson, Léa Belot, Thierry Bernardoux, Corinne Thibaut