Aren'Ice, Cergy-Pontoise

The GESPEL project is the response to a pioneering brief for the promotion of ice sports in France. This very high-level multifunctional sports facility, which is both playful and cultural and attracts visitors from the entire northwest section of the Ile-de-France region, was an opportunity to develop a tripke ice rink to host international matches, training sessions, and a leisure rink for the general public. The building, a real landmark on the edge of the A15 motorway forms part of a wide-ranging landscaping initiative covering the entire plain and involving architecture, planning and landscape design. The edgy, incisive design suggests a sense of fluid movement as we walk towards the concourse. The entrance makes the most of the natural slope; with its remarkable awning, it is situated halfway up the slope on the south side, creating a kind of belvedere. An outdoor rink forms an extension of the main rink and opens it up to the surrounding city.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Julie Roméas


Lilyan Garnier, Michèle Brossier, Serge Journot, Corinne Thibaut, Perrine Alexandre, Florian Burnichon, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard