Arena, Dunkerque

For the Urban Community of Dunkirk and the neighbouring regions, Groupe-6 proposes building a genuine multifunctional cultural and sports project, which will provide real viewing comfort and an appealing ambiance for spectators. Set in a large-scale urban scheme, the Arena will have high visibility across the built-up area: it will not only be able to be seen from the motorway but will also extend an open face to the surrounding shopping centre linked to the Bourbourg canal. With its multifunctional, lively, illuminated facade and unparalleled characteristic and identifiable shape, it will be a major landmark. Visible and also able to be interpreted on a number of levels: from afar, the large hall asserts its presence through its powerful architecture as it rises above its base and supporting frame. Once in the landscaped surroundings of the site, one gradually discovers more as the stepped layers of the built shapes naturally guide the eye (and users) towards the entrance square, which is high up, allowing access from the upper level. Through its modularity, open spaces and excellent acoustics, the “desert rose” adds value when it comes to sharing and/or experiencing the emotion of an event, sports meeting or entertainment. A continuous arena, it prevents the audience from being split into disjointed stands, and offers fixed or retractable terraces to suit different scenarios. The sports and entertainment configurations are oriented in the same direction, facing the Presidential stand. A secondary sports hall, positioned to form an atrium and showcase, and central to the areas of social interaction, opens onto a lively diagonal internal mall, carrying all the traffic to the Arena.



Alain Marchal

Project leader

Sandrine Masson


Serge Journot, Gianni La Cognata, Hélène Bottarel, Nadia Smirnova, Adrien Félix-Faure, Lilyan Garnier, Corinne Thibaut, Perrine Alexandre, Florian Burnichon