City Lights technology and innovation campus Saint-Fons, France, St Fons

The Solvay technology and innovation campus is located
at the gateway to Lyon on the banks of the Rhône, on an
existing industrial site whose redevelopment it has made
possible, at the heart of 7 hectares of relaxing landscape.
It asserts the image of Solvay in the so-called «chemical
valley» with a powerful signal. A light canopy reaches
out to visitors, supported on slender posts expressing
modernity and timelessness. The compactness of the
building provides it users with both efficiency and
wellbeing. The workspaces are arranged around a streetlike
agora that further enhances quality of life in the
facility. Their open floors are equally compact and efficient,
encouraging collaborative work and friendly interactions.
They are modular and free from structural and technical
constraints, and are directly connected to the laboratories
next to them. They are punctuated by accessible patios.
The existing pilot buildings are connected to the new
research building, and form an integral part of the image
of City Lights.



Bruno Hallé, Denis Bouvier, Alain Eyraud

Project leader

Sandrine Masson


Pascal Chancelade
Alain Galaup