Biology – Pharmacy – Chemistry Cluster in Saclay, France, Saclay

A “mail of research” that facilitates communication between disciplines

In the heart of the district and next to the future metro station Orsay-Gif, the main site “Metro” will play the role of entrance to the ZAC Moulon and Campus Paris-Saclay. It will thus benefit from very high visibility. Composed of several buildings connected to each other, it presents a unit facade on the Deck, this great avenue structuring the Moulon district of the Paris-Saclay Campus. He articulates two scales: the urban and monumental one, on the Deck, and the more humane scale of the fragmented buildings, garden side, as an echo of the existing constructions. To the east of this complex, the research units are organized on nearly 24,000 m² and irrigated by a “mail of research” punctuated with meeting and conviviality spaces. Pharmacy laboratories in the West face chemistry laboratories in the East. Designed on a simple frame, the building is conceived to adapt easily to changes in programs or equipment. From the subway, a glass angle reveals its inner animation.



Alain Eyraud, Nathalie Pierre

Project leader

Marie Le Guellec


Guillaume Bénet
Florian Burnichon
Pascal Chancelade
Orlando Corso
Myriam Dana
Damien Gaudin
Sébastien Greffier
Anna Kachitsina
Vincent Orthlieb
Muriel Nourrisson