Renewal and extension of Cap 3000

CAP 3000 is an iconic and conveniently located shopping center, facing the sea, with an unobstructed view to the Cap d’Antibes. His rehabilitation / extension offer an opening to this exceptional landscaped site, in continuity with the city, through the creation of an urban walk from the port, and parking (sillos and underground) which will unlock its surroundings. A new façade will offer him a innovative image : horizontal and white ribbons of metal, fluid and dynamic, reveals the entries and commercial programs, and protect the facades from rain and sun. Canopies installed on the roof provide a new atmosphere, bright and warm, in the interior streets, and offer them passive ventilation and natural lighting. Boasting spectacular views of the coast, restaurant and leisure center complete the commercial offer, and takes place in the south, in a large promontory on the sea.

Awarded Prix Versailles Europe 2017



Mark Wilson

Project leader

Agnès Plumet (extensions and car-park), Philippe Battesti (restructuration)


Studies : Moïse Benaïnous, Cybèle Da Costa, Giovanni Orsi, Catherine Lauvray, Guillaume Ledieu, Luis Pestana, Ralph Abdeljalil, Nicolas Tricard
Works : Albin Miralles, Vincent Baduel, Farzad Khansari, Serge Cuchet, Loïc Nekmouche, Michaël Rivière, Francisco Carriba-Anta, Agathe Marty

Quantity surveying

Didier Deschamps, Denis Chaix